Final Vote.

I said I was gonna update everyday and I failed, sorry guys!

Later, I might go over the All-Star Game and what I think of who got in, but I can’t do that until final vote is over, because in my mind, two of the biggest snubs are in that.

Those players are Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Inge.


Brandon leads with the most web gems this year, I believe he has 24 but I am not 100% sure. He also leads the Tigers with 19 home runs. He was been a great defender for years and hopefully will finally get well known for that.

Pablo Sandoval, or Panda if you will, has the 2nd highest batting average in the NL. He is 2nd among Giants for RBI’s behind NAME THAT Molina….Bengie, and he leads the Giants with 12 homers.

Both these players should be in the All Star Game…so what are you waiting for?

Vote Inge. Vote Sandoval. Vote Often.


C.J. Wilson!
who was amazing last night on ESPN. He usually has a blue glove, but to match the hats and red jerseys, he had red =]. His tweets are amazing & he’s is a great influence on kids (he’s straightedge!) So parents, if you want a player for your kids to idolize, PICK C.J. Oh and he also has his own charity and does charity events 🙂

The Super Ultra Amazing Sam Fuld.

Of all nights for my beloved Cubs not to be on WGN, they had to pick tonight.  It was really nothing amazing tonight, there was no prefect game, or no hitter, nor was it a slug fest.  To me, it was something more.


Sam Fuld, pictured above, got his first MLB hit tonight on the first play of the game (A double to right).  Not only that, he scored on Derrek Lee’s homerun.  Then in the top of the 5th, he walked. In the bottom of the 5th, he threw Jack Wilson out at home plate. Then again in the top of the 7th, he singled. The only time he was not on base tonight was when he struck out in the top of the 9th. I bet Sam won’t be forgetting this night anytime soon.

I remember in 2007 when Sam was up when the rosters extended in September. There was a deep fly ball to the outfield and a runner on 3rd base, I don’t remember where he was playing (I want to say left) but he caught the ball IN THE IVY and turned and threw a strike back in to get the runner out at home. I think that is one of my favorite memories of watching the Cubs. I remember Len’s voice cracking like it does when he gets excited and I was freaking out screaming “AHHH SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE THREW HIM OUT!!!!”

Well blog readers, I really have nothing more to say. I just wanted to share The Amazing Sam Fuld with you guys. I’m gonna finish watching the Giants and Cards then sleep off this killer headache I have.

LETS GO GIANTS. Barry Zito tomorrow on the hill, guess what the blog will be about tomorrow 0.o
Well, as I type this, Colby Rasmus hit a walk off homer.  Someone had a sign that said “COLBY IS THE BIG CHEESE” and I laughed, it takes little to amuse me.